Have you ever got frustrated even a bit, when trying to find somebody in unfamiliar neighbourhood, having to call or text them, spending time and phone credit, listening to their long and very confusing explanations, because they also don't know where they are.

Maybe you do delivery to some customers and they not always at the certain address or the area of their possible location is quite wide.

Maybe you have a group or a team of people that spread over the large area and they all need to know where they are relatively each other and know who's nearby.

You probably just want to know the whereabouts of your children, senior family members or loved ones without calling them, just looking at the map that clear from any sort of clutter, advertisement and points of interest that you don't need to see. Only the location marks of your interest.

Here it is. The Locator App. Dead simple and free to use, no ads, absolutely anonymous and secure.

Locator has pretty simple, but modern look, yet it is quite sophisticated inside web application, that works great on all desktops and mobile devices, featuring great responsiveness, response speed and lightness. It works fast and smooth even on old phones where massive application like Google Maps struggle to function without causing frustration.

You can ask why should I use Locator when Google Maps provide similar functionality.

Well. It is really up to your preferences. We at Starship Troopers find Locator is more fun to use compare to Google Maps.

  • Locator is very lightweight
  • Locator doesn't need to be installed before you can use it, yet the shortcut can be installed on your device desktop
  • Locator maps are clean from the clutter of unnecessary information. We use Open Street Maps as a default map source, but using other sources of maps like Google Maps etc also possible for business users upon request.
  • Locator doesn't spy on you. It just provides your current whereabouts to those who need them and has your consent
  • Unlike Google Maps, Locator does not track your location all the time and does not stores your movement history, does not analyses it, uses it or sells to someone else. You are 100% anonymous to us
  • Unlike Google Maps Locator doesn't try to be EVERYTHING. At the moment it serves only one purpose. To share your location with those whom you allow to see it
  • You can do some simple text messaging right in Locator messaging a marker on the map without switching to other messaging apps
  • We don't store your Locator messaging history. It stored only on your device and does not get synchronised with out servers