The Locator app is PWA (Progressive Web Application) by Starship Troopers  

Locator main purpose is to share location of one person with another of with group of people or with customers, businesses or other parties that need to know where you are until you no longer need to be located.  

There are number of situations we all came across in our lives where we need a reliable and fast working application to help somebody special to find us quickly without spending much time and phone balance, not giving away all our personal location details to big corporations like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and others.

Your location information is your property that you only share with those who suppose to know it and you close such access once you no longer want to share it.

Being a pure browser application by nature. The Locator app is 100% anonymous and collect no personal information apart from the nickname you set for yourself and the location coordinates of that nickname. Nothing else. No unique device details, no any Google account or phone number details that could be used to find tour other identity details, nothing to be saved about you. It just receives your location coordinates and passes them straight to the person whom you share your location with. Once you closed the app, it stops sending your location and shows only location you were last seen when was using the app last time.

The locator does not require installation from the App Stores, at the moment it does not require any registration to use it, it's absolutely free.

We still testing it.


What Locator can be used for?

There are many cases the Locator app can be used. Bellow there are some of them.

Sharing your personal location with another person

Sometimes we get lost in a place we're not familiar with and need to find there somebody else. We not sure where we are and we don't know how to quickly and precisely explain our location to those who's looking for us. With Locator you can do it literally in just a few taps, no registration, no signing in, no other actions that usually jump in the way, frustrate us a lot when we're in a hurry and just want to scream to somebody. Straight to the point! LOOK! I AM HERE! That's it.

  • You open Locator App 
  • You get located yourself
  • You tap green button at the top right corner “Share my location”
  • You copy the unique link that appear on you screen and choose any messenger app you usually use to share that link with somebody else or a group of people.
  • Once they receive that link and tap it, you both will see each other on the map and were even able to exchange messages right in Locator app making your communication faster.

Sharing your location with a group of people

Just like sharing it with one person, you can share your location with a group of people. You all will see them, but they all will not see each other, they will only see you. Once you done, you an remove yourself from their Locators 

Sharing your business location with customers

Just like sharing your personal location with somebody else or with a group of people, you can share your static location with unlimited number of people. For example you have a business location that you want to share with your customers, but not sharing your personal location. You could just send them a link to a Google maps, but the problem with Google maps, they are very much overloaded with information neither you or your customers need. Even worse. Google Maps sometimes shows your customers all the competitors nearby. But you only need to guide your customer right to your business doorstep and sometimes to do it in the best possible way you also need to know where your customer currently is for a reference point where to start guiding them to your business from.

So the Locator app comes in just for that task. Straight to the point. On any PC in your office you can open Locator app and fix it's location marker to the map permanently so it would be always there, then just share that marker with your customers in emails, text messages and any other possible way. You can even publish that link on your website, Instagram, Facebook and any other public spaces.

Try it now! See our location.