Launch the app for the first time

To start using the app or ask a friend to share their location with you, you don't need to go to Google Play store or Apple Store. We make initial engagement with the app simple and natural. Just go to geo.mylocator.app and start using it.

Accessing locator app

When you access the app for the first time, it will ask your permission to access your device location. Please do allow. Your device location is absolutely anonymous to us. We store only your coordinates and nickname without any personal information linked to it so we do for all your geo connections.

Allowing locator app to access device's geo location

Locate yourself

After you allow the app to locate your device, you will see a green marker of your own location with a tag “You are here”. 

If your device GPS location was turned off or you find yourself inside the location should still work, but the accuracy would not be the best. The best result you get when you turn your device GPS location on and get outside for a minute.

You can zoom in zoom out or quickly centre the map at yourself with just one tap.

Locator app main screen
Focus locator app at your location

Name yourself

Give yourself some name or nickname that will be showing above your location marker and people, with whom you share your location, would easily recognise you on their map.

Naming yourself in locator app
Naming yourself in locator app

Share your location and request theirs

The person with whom you want to share your location with, will also automatically share their location with you once their receive the “bonding link”.

The simplest and fastest option to share your location and request somebody's location is to click that green button “Share my location. You will see dialogue window with a link. You can select and copy that link or just click ”Copy link" button and then paste this link in a message to someone, you want to share your location with and request theirs. You can send it through Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, SMS text message or email. Any way is good, just don't post this link in any public location. There are some other options, that can be used in different scenarios of using Locator app. We will explain them in a separate blog post.

Sharing your location in Locator app

Install the Locator app on your device

You can easily install Locator app on your device for future use. Not only phone but also laptop or any other device. If you don't do it during the first time of using it, it will remind after a while that you can install it on your phone. To install the app just click the pictogram in the bottom right corner and allow to add it in your device.

Currently you can install this app on pretty much any device, except Apple. We're working on it and update this article once we're done..

Installing Locator app on the device
Adding Locator app to device's Home Screen or desktop

After the installation on your device, you will see locator app shortcut icon on your device's home screen so you can easily access it in the future. Clicking the shortcut launches the locator app.

Locator app on the phone's home screen
Launching Locator app from the device home screen
Locator app main screen